Tuesday, September 09, 2008

First Day of School 2008

Today was Caleb's first day back to Mother's Day Out, or what we call school.

Caleb started the morning with a leisurely breakfast of banana, a Quaker breakfast cookie, apple juice and a little Elmo. This is as good as it gets for breakfast around the Mathis household. I don't cook in the mornings, and in fact, I can't even make normal breakfast foods like pancakes, eggs, etc. Ok, back to my child... Anyway, this was followed by a quick shower and dressing in his clothes for the first day.

Everyday Caleb HAS to hold Piper. Today was no different. He looks so grown up in this picture, doesn't he? Sniff.

I know this is the same shot, but I had to include this one for one reason, look at what Piper is doing with her arms. Anyone who knows Caleb knows that this is his position. It looks like he passed it on to his sister!

Caleb and Piper talking and laughing. She so adores her brother that she will smile for him when she won't smile for anyone else.

Look at that look of adoration on her face. I'm enjoying it while I can because I know soon enough they will be screaming at each other.

Caleb trying to show off his Cars backpack. He's still perfecting the over the shoulder look.

My big boy ready to go!

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-melissa. said...

Oh my goodness!
Your wee ones are getting soo big! :) Gosh, Caleb is almost up to the front door knob, and little Piper is so cute and look at that smile she gives Caleb. Pretty adorbable! :)
*hugs to the Mathis fam!*