Monday, September 01, 2008

Month Two

This has been a big month for our little girl. She has grown and matured in so many ways that it's hard to find a place to start. Piper is much more alert now and spends more time awake than she did this time last month. She has a semi-schedule of being awake after each feeding for around 30-45 minutes and will play and laugh and smile during this time.

While she would smile in her sleep last month, this month she will do it when she sees one of us. She is very smiley after each feeding and never fails to give us one of her big, open-mouthed smiles that tells us that she is happy to see us. She always has one for her big brother and is promptly rewarded by him smothering her with hugs or kisses.

When Piper is awake, she loves to play and talk. This month has given way to the discovery of her voice. Caleb and I spend our days having "conversations" with Piper and it really sounds like she is trying to talk back to us. She still loves to stretch and flail somewhat, but is gaining some control of her hands and loves to play on her mat. You will often catch her batting at things just to see what would happen.
Piper is very much like her brother in that she does not like to be confined unless someone is holding her to get her to sleep. She has not let me swaddle her for sometime now but loves her footy pajamas and will not sleep without them.

I think I posted last month about Piper not liking her swing, but the past few weeks has seen a complete turn around on this. There have been nights when she has slept for most of the night in her swing because we just couldn't get her to sleep anywhere else. Piper LOVES sleeping on her stomach and I just cannot let her do that at night when I can't supervise her the whole time. It's one thing for her to do that when I'm sitting right next to her, but it's quite another for her to sleep on her tummy all night. Mama's got to sleep at some point.
While we're on the subject, sleep is at a premium here still. Piper has, on occasion, made a 5 hour stretch at night between feedings, but most of the time we're still feeding her every 3 to 4 hours. Needless to say, we're all pretty wiped here in the land of Mathis. Please be kind if you see us out in public and we act stranger than normal.

Piper was none to thrilled with her first bath, but over the past month she has developed quite the love for the water. I think she would stay in the bath for hours if I let her. There hasn't been a time when she has been in the bath or getting her massage afterward when she hasn't had smiles for me!

We also broke out the Bumbo seat this month (ok, really just today!). Piper has been able to hold her head up since her birth, but she really has great control of it now. She is starting to gain control of her upper body as well, so I thought I would try her in this seat and she loved it! I think she just really enjoyed seeing the world in a new light.
Piper is just the sweetest little girl that we could ever have hoped for and we have had a great 2 months with her!

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The White Family said...

Shannon, she looks so much like you! Good to hear all is going well. -Leslie