Tuesday, September 02, 2008


I guess I should have waited to post my last entry so that I could have combined all this with it. Oh well, I suppose it makes it a little more manageable.
Piper had her 2 month check up with the doctor today. Here are the stats from that visit:

Weight: 12lb 8.5oz
Height: 23.5 inches
Head: 15 3/4 inches

She got 3 shots today as well as the normal checks, which were all good. On top of that she got an oral dose of Rotateq to help keep her from getting RotaVirus. Good thing since Caleb starts school a week from today and will be tracking in who knows how many germs and bugs. This was not something that Caleb ever got because it came out after he would have needed to get it. Piper sucked the medicine down like a champ and the nurse even commented on how well she took it, not spitting out a drop. I suppose Piper is going to be like her brother and not be difficult to give medicine. Like I suspected, Piper screamed bloody murder when she got the shots, but was quickly soothed with a little loving, a bottle and a very fast trip home. She is now passed out next to me in her Boppy happily dreaming of her next meal.

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