Monday, October 13, 2008

I Promise I'm Not Avoiding You.

Ok, so my blog has been calling my name to be updated, but my computer is freaking out on me and won't let me log into blogger. That means I can't update, read comments or post a comment on anyone else's blog who has blogger. Anyone else having this issue? It's probably just me... Sigh.


Anyway, I wanted to update on a few things. First, thank you all for praying for our sweet friends and their little girl Ruth. She has taken some miraculous steps toward healing and is almost back to what she was before this fungal and bacterial infection invaded. She is peeing lots (yeah!), will be eating again soon (double yeah!!) and is looking better and better each day. Keep her in your prayers and I'll keep updating on Ruth.


I wanted to brag on my little girl for just a minute too. Piper is such an advanced little one, at least compared to her brother. Just 2 days after her 3 month "birthday" she rolled over! She is officially on the move. We're not sure whether to be excited or a little bit scared at the proposition of having a little one moving around so early, but we'll take it for now. She just loves watching her brother run around and dance and I guess is trying to join in. In fact, in our house, you will often see Caleb dancing in front of her just to entertain her while I'm trying to do something else.
Piper was also diagnosed with eczema lately. More on that later, but it's not too bad, thanks to some baby products that I've been using on her religiously.

We had a super busy weekend this past weekend. This is the time of year that Jes is called away to do all the annual inspections on planes that he has done the year before. That means less time together, but more money. Good thing since the holidays are coming up! I had an Arbonne class this past Saturday and we had a great time learning about and trying out all the natural products that they have. I'm a huge fan of Arbonne and use it on the kiddos and myself. It has cleared up most of Piper's eczema and doesn't contain all those yucky chemicals and residues that the products that come from the store do. We are big believers in the stuff!!!

I think that's all I wanted to update today. We went to the Dallas Arboretum on Saturday as well, so I'll post those pictures soon! Maybe I can actually do it at home, if my computer cooperates!

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