Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Post In Which You are Tired of Looking At Pictures of Our Family.

So. That was a fun post to leave up for nearly a week, huh?
Since the past few have been so serious and I've been so behind on posting pictures, this post is almost entirely dedicated to pictures of what we've been doing for fun around these parts lately.
Earlier this month, my mom, dad, Jes, Caleb, Piper and I packed up and went to the Dallas Arboretum. We had so much fun wandering around and checking out the pretty scenery. We got a few cute pictures to.

Caleb sitting on a pumpkin. After this picture, taken as we had just walked in the door, he felt like he needed to sit on EVERY pumpkin and have his picture taken. Silly boy.

There was also a little hut on the grounds where they had lots of dried chilis hanging from the ceiling. It was a place to go in, so Caleb loved it and had yet another picture taken.

This is just the best picture of Caleb, I wish Piper was looking up too. It's cute, nonetheless.


Our boy in the pumpkins.

"Mama, come get me!!!" This is the face and posture I see from Piper on a regular basis when she is trying to get to me from someone else.

Jes and his mini-me.

There is this pretty fountain on the grounds and they turn it into a pumpkin throwing area. If you can reach a pumpkin and pull it out you can throw it. All the boys got into the action and took a turn. My dad was nice enough to fish a couple out so Caleb could do it too.

Jes throwing a pumpkin and Caleb "helping".

All of us in front of a pumpkin made of impatients/pansies/who knows...

I still can't remember what this contraption was called, my dad knew, but I do remember that it was use to plant seeds.

My dad teaching Caleb and little something about hard work.

Yet another of Piper's priceless expressions. She looks like I interrupted a conversation between her and her daddy.
Last Friday, I packed up the kids and we made our annual trek to the pumpkin farm just north of us in Celina. It was really cold that day, so we were able to get pictures that looked a little more "fallish" than the ones at the Arboretum

Caleb and Piper waiting for my to get all our stuff together so we could go. Can you tell Caleb was excited? He had been talking about this all week, and really still is.

We finally made it and after convincing Caleb that he was indeed too big for his old stroller, I bundled Piper up and plopped her in. I was unsure how she would do in it, but there was no way I was going to try to maneuver the sit and stand stroller over the hill and rocks that exist at our favorite pumpkin patch. Turns out, she loved her new ride and actually fell asleep at one point.

The cats at the pumpkin patch see so many people that they are super friendly. Our cat, Gus, is just like a normal cat and only lets you pet him on his terms. Caleb was thrilled that this cat just sat there and let him pet him.

On the hay bales.

Driving the tractor. Last year, this was the source of the pumpkin patch time out. This year, he hopped right off when I told him his time was up and the next person wanted their turn. Good boy!

Feeding the goats.

The sheep that stole his food. This guy made my guy cry. Stupid sheep.

Feeding the longhorn! You guys knew that I had to get this shot!

Caleb and Piper. My babies.

Caleb and his friends on the atv.

All of us before the melt down.

We went on the hay ride and I just could not figure out why Caleb was posing so much with this little guy next to him. Turns out, it is one of the 2 Jackson's in his class at school.

Us on the hayride. Minutes before it all broke loose and Piper started screaming and Caleb couldn't handle it anymore.

Caleb picking out his pumpkin to take home.

Last shot of the 2 of them.

Caleb with the turkey.

Sunday, we decided to get the pumpkin seeds and roast them. Jes had to take the top off because I couldn't get it off without nearly taking my hand off in the process.

Digging out the insides.

Getting all the seeds.

The pumpkin carvers.

This has nothing to do with our fall outings, it's just Caleb's first cake that he made. I wanted to preserve a picture for posterity so that someday he could look back and say that he indeed knows how to bake. Well, at least from a box!

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