Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Consignment Mania!

This time of year is one of my favorites, not because of the weather, because really, it's a never ending cycle of 80 degree days and ice the next. No, it's consignment sale time!
I have lots of mommy friends who would never even consider dressing their kiddos in consignment sale finds, but I have to tell you that over the past few years these sales have become like a sport to me. I have found some of the cutest things for each of my kiddos in the sales that I frequent. Case in point: at the last sale I attended, I procured a precious navy and white gingham print smocked dress from one of those fancy boutiques, with the tags attached. I paid $10.00 for it and it was marked for $55.00 on the tag from the original store. I would NEVER buy my child a $55 dress, at least not now. We'll see how things change when we're looking at prom and such, but for a 7 month old, it's just not practical.
I've also heard from some of my mommy friends that they don't want to bother with going to the sales because they only want to dress their kids in high quality, usually name brand things.
Here is a picture of Caleb in a Ralph Lauren long sleeved, button down shirt that retails normally for between $25-$35. Again, not something I would buy in a store, however my mom found this at one of our local resale shops for less than $10. A steal to say the least.
All this jabbering on about consignment sales leads me to this:
This is the consignment sale that my MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group puts on biannually. It is not only a huge fundraiser for us and for the other groups we support, but it is a great ministry to our community and to other moms that need a group for belonging. The sale is March 28th at Trinity Presbyterian Church in McKinney. It runs from 7am to noon with a half price sale from 12:30 to 3pm. You can find everything here from baby and children's clothing, toys, accessories, books, games, and even outdoor playthings. We only take cash, so come prepared and stocked. Just fyi, in the fall I shopped for both Caleb and Piper with $120 with me and left with about $30 in my pocket. I didn't get everything I went for, but they were both well stocked for the fall and winter, only needing a few pieces to fill in here and there.
Ok, that ends the advertisement portion of our show. I must go assist a little boy on the potty.

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