Thursday, February 26, 2009

Free Day

That, my friends, is what I got for FREE (!) today. Two cases of formula and a prescription for amoxicillin.
Of course there's a story behind all this.
Yesterday morning, I noticed Piper wheezing a bit and it was time for her flu booster, since she is sufficiently over the virus. So, I made an appointment yesterday for her to see her pediatrician. As we entered the office, I noticed the coupon rack where people could drop off coupons and pick up any that would be beneficial to them. I always try to look through this rack, on the off chance that someone would have dropped of a coupon for this type of formula, as it runs nearly $30 a can. Quite pricey, but it's what we used with Caleb and knew that Piper would probably tolerate it well too, and has. I mentioned to the front desk girl that I was looking for a coupon for this and she asked me what type and I told her the brand and the color of the can. She disappeared into the back and came out with 2 cases of it and told me to take it to the car right then. They had just received a delivery from the reps and I was thrilled to take it all off their hands! Freebie number 1!
So, we saw the doctor and I explained P's symptoms to him and he determined that she has a sinus infection, secondary to the flu she had. It's pretty common, but an antibiotic is necessary. Since Piper's never had any they always try amoxicillin first. The doctor mentioned that a local store in town, Market Street, has a whole list of 70 or so medications that they are giving away free to their patrons to compete with the other big store in town and did I want to go to the hassle of going there to get it? Hello? It's free and I'll take it! Freebie number 2!
The moral to today's story is this, mention to your pediatrician's office staff what products you are using and they might just hook you up and a little extra effort to go to a different store might net you free medicine!


Orlinda said...

Wow!! That's really cool!! :0)

The Wood Family said...

Thanks for the tip! Glad you saved some $! Always puts you in a good mood.