Saturday, February 07, 2009


We found out today, after a few days of fevers and feeling not so great, that Piper has the flu. It's not just any type of flu, it's the type A strain of the flu. This happens to be the strain that is totally resistant to TamiFlu, the normal treatment for this issue. It is really a non-issue right now for her because even if it were another strain, she's entirely too young to take it. So, we are watching and hoping that no other more serious respiratory symptoms develop. If so, we're headed for the hospital.
The more scary part of this is that Caleb is at risk to get it. Jes and I are old enough to take the alternative drug to help prevent us developing symptoms, but Caleb is just too young. Kids have to be 6 or older to take it. So, we're in a holding pattern with Caleb. The big problem here is that if Caleb were to develop the symptoms then it would impact him much more than any of the rest of us due to his significant asthma. Last time, in 2007, when he had flu the first time, it deteriorated into pneumonia and we ended up in the hospital for just a few days. He was on TamiFlu then, so his symptoms were somewhat lessened, but he couldn't this time due to the resistance. So, needless to say we're pretty concerned.
We are hunkering down in the house this week and I'm cancelling all activities as well as missing some meetings and even working at the church on Wednesday morning. What a nightmare.
Oh, and if anyone wants to know, we were ALL vaccinated... Sigh.


Mommy of Multiples said...

I saw on your moms facebook about been thinking about you guys. Praying that she gets well super duper fast and everyone else stays well.

The Wood Family said...

I really hopes she starts feeling better!!!!!! Will be thinking about her and praying for her and Caleb!