Monday, February 23, 2009

Disappointed? Not Really.

I think I may have mentioned a few times on our blog how we were considering putting Caleb in a school near our home that is both private and a university model school. Basically, that means that he would go on MWF and be home with me on TTh, homeschooled those two days.
Tonight was the open house and it seems as if this school is just not going to be Caleb's school next year. Alot of this decision is financial, not that we can't afford it, but more that it would derail our plans for getting completely out of debt, something that would benefit our family long term. I don't like to discuss money on our blog, or anywhere else, but with the economy the way it is and Jes being in such a volatile profession, we just can't commit to spending that amount of money every month starting just this next month, March.
The biggest question was this, "Do our kids REALLY need to attend preschool?" I know that I never went to preschool, as is true for most of my friends, however the standards for kids coming into Kindergarten these days just seems so much more stringent. We just had to make the difficult decision of what would be BEST for the WHOLE family, longterm, not what we WANT for Caleb.
So the plan now? We go back to our original plan: homeschooling. I will be getting online this week and looking at curriculum for Caleb. I had researched this two years ago, but let it go by the wayside as we thought that we would be going another direction.
I have heard from multiple friends about "needing a break" from their kids and that preschool would afford this for me, but to be completely honest the past couple of months with Caleb at home, while hard, has been some of the best months we have had. Caleb is more well behaved, is totally done potty training and has learned some essential skills that he hadn't been able to pick up when he was in Mother's Day Out. He has also returned to the sweet natured little boy that I knew before the beginning of last year. He no longer has melt downs and is, for the most part, very well behaved. All in all, the behavior that sent us into such a tail spin 4 or 5 months ago has resolved.
In many ways I'm disappointed for Caleb, but in more ways I'm relieved. It's good to have a plan and something to be moving toward.


Mommy of Multiples said...

I'm so glad to hear how well Caleb has been doing. Sounds like you have figured out perfectly what is best for Caleb and the rest of the fam. Mommy knows best!! By the way..way to go on the free formula and meds!

The Wood Family said...

that must have been a hard decision, but sounds like you and Jesse made the best one for your family. Something that Adam and I have been talking about for a while too, keep him at ETCA or when he start kindergarten go to public. We're, glad you have the opportunity to home school. Sounds like that will be a great decision for Caleb.