Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Caleb is out of surgery and is now watching Super Why and drinking apple juice. His surgery went well and they were able to remove all his tonsils and all his adenoids. He had a little trouble waking up with his oxygen level staying in the range they wanted it, but they were able to give him a little nebulized medication and get him over that hump.

Dr. McDuffie told us that his nasal passage ways are very small (something we have known since birth) and that he saw an area at the back of his passage ways that were quite swollen. He said this is common in people who have pretty severe allergies. If you've been around Caleb for any period of time, you know that this is an issue we have battled for the last 3 years with him. We are going to try to add another allergy med and see if that helps. If not, we progress on to allergy testing and shots. Either way, we are just glad that this surgery is over and that he did well. I have to say the 40 minutes he was away from us was the longest 40 minutes we have experienced in a long time!

Thanks for all of you for praying for us and for Caleb.

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Anonymous said...

Praise God! I'm so glad to hear everything went well. I've been thinking about ya'll all day. Hope ya'll have a good night, and get out of that hospital soon as possible.