Saturday, May 10, 2008

My Mama

In honor of Mother's Day, I thought I would post on some of the things that you may (or may not) know about my Mama and me.
1. We look so much alike that people she has worked with for years have walked right up to me and started talking to me actually thinking I'm her.
2. She had me very young, therefore we have practically grown up together. I have gotten used to people assuming that we are sisters, however it used to really offend me.
3. My Mama used to have hair the color of a new penny but lost the color when she was pregnant with me. Now it is an auburn color, something I have always wished to have.
4. She absolutely hates sweet potatoes but she still makes them for me and my Daddy every holiday season. I have actually seen her gag while doing this, but she still does it!
5. You will never find an empty glass sitting around her house for more than a moment or two. I have actually put one down, turned around to get something to put in it, and turned back around and saw her putting it in the dishwasher. I have found myself doing this too, so I guess she has passed that one on!
6. When I was a senior in high school she gave up a job that made her quite a bit of money to take a job where she could be home more with my Daddy and I so that she wouldn't miss so much of our lives.
7. She will tell you that she's not a good grandmother, but Caleb thinks she's the best thing walking and actually prefers her over anyone else. He loves on her like nothing else. It's very sweet to see.
8. I think she's the best Mama a girl can have! Happy Mother's Day Mama! I love you!

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Mommy of Multiples...Lizzy D. said...

That's so very sweet! Happy Mother's Day Shannon!!