Monday, May 26, 2008

I Hope Your Last 6 Days Have Been Better Than Ours.

So here's how our last 6 days or so have shaped up.

Wednesday: Caleb's surgery. Not the best day due to all the stress and lack of sleep. Although Caleb did remarkably well, we were all quite concerned because of his asthma and all the risks that anesthesia and intubation pose with that particular condition.

Here's Caleb about 1 hour or so after surgery. He was still a little loopy, but looking pretty good.

Thursday: Exhaustion was what ruled the day on Thursday. When we were finally released from the hospital, Caleb and I drug ourselves to the store to pick up a few things and get his medications. We got home and literally collapsed. What ensued was a 6 hour nap for Caleb and a 4 hour nap for me.

If you look closely here you can see the dark circles under Caleb's eyes. We had only had a few hours of sleep the whole 2 days we were in the hospital. This picture was taken shortly before we left with his new puppy that his Mommaw (my mom) gave him.

Friday: This was by far the worst day so far after Caleb's surgery. He had the most pain on Friday and I spent most of the day going back and forth between him and the kitchen to help to alleviate some of his symptoms between medication doses. As you can see, there was not a sign of bed rest for me those days. I'm sure I'll hear about it when I go back to the doctor Wednesday.

Friday was also the culmination of some family drama for us. My grandmother (the one who had the stroke back in September) has been in a skilled nursing facility since being released from the hospital in October. My grandfather decided about a month ago that he wanted to bring her home and take care of her himself. Friday was the day he picked for her to come home.

Saturday: I received a phone call Saturday morning that my grandmother (the one who came home the afternoon before) had been transported to the hospital after the home health nurse came to their home to check on her. Less than 24 hours home and the nurse took one look at her and said that it wasn't going to work. She was also nursing a terrible bladder infection and needed treatment.

Sunday: Jes went to church and Caleb and I stayed home (he couldn't go to the nursery quite yet). During the time that Jes was gone I got another phone call telling me that my grandfather had been admitted to the hospital. That's right, both of them, in the same hospital, at the same time. We headed out to Garland immediately, of course, to see both of them. When we left around 6pm, there was still no diagnosis as to what was exactly wrong with my grandfather. Needless to say, my mom and dad are pretty exhausted and have been running back and forth for days now.

Monday: The phone hasn't rung all day, thank goodness, and Jes is working on Piper's room as we speak. I'm hoping that my parents will get a little rest today and that the mess with my grandmother will get worked out. There has been some issue with getting her back into the nursing facility (again she wasn't gone for more than 24 hours), but hopefully that will be resolved today.

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melissa said...

Praise God! Thank you Lord for your provision over Caleb's surgery. I pray that you would continue to watch over the growing Piper and the whole precious Mathis family. In Jesus Name, amen.