Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Oh No

Today I went to see my Ob for my 32 week check. Like normal, I went potty in a cup and then had my blood pressure checked. It was a little high for me and the nurse said that she wanted to check my urine for protein right then. The girl that was training that day placed me in a room while the nurse did her tests and I waited to see the doctor. When he came in he commented on my higher pressure and said he was no happy with it and that we would have to check it again. Before we did the recheck, though, he measured me and went searching for Piper's heart beat. She was breech (head up), so it made it a little more difficult to find as he was looking for her to be head down. He found it, made me lie down, and wait for the nurse to come in and recheck my pressure. It was within normal range when she checked it which was a relief, but it showed that as long as I was lying down it was good. My doctor then said the words I'd been dreading, bed rest. He didn't put me on traditional bed rest, however he did tell me that I needed to clear my schedule, slow down and stay home on the couch/bed when I am home. I'm not completely confined to the house (that would be torture for me) but I have to choose to be home and on the couch more than not. Right before I left the office, Dr. Robins looked at me and said, "do you have any help at home with your son?" I said, "no", and he said, "you might think about finding some because if your pressure is higher next time, you might need it." My only thought was Oh No!

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