Thursday, September 20, 2007

Caffeine Induced Blogging... Beware!

There are few things in my life that I am obsessive about. Those few things are, but not limited to, my honey, my son, and Starbuck, aka "the evil empire" as Jes refers to it. So, the fact that I pulled into McDonald's this morning for coffee was way against character. I have to say though, the roughly $1.83 iced vanilla coffee that I purchased was quite good! I'm usually not one for product endorsement, but while temps in the great state of Tejas are still high, this is a great way to get a caffeine fix. I will, however, still cross the street to the evil empire to get my roughly $4.50 cinnamon dolce latte when the temps dip!
This week, the pollen blew in. Fall has to be my favorite, visually, season but as for the other things that go with it, I dislike it greatly. There has been lots of nose blowing, coughing, Benadryl and Mucinex taking, and whining around the Mathis homestead. Not a fun time, but someone did tell me last night that the arrival of the swarms of crickets (anyone else grossed out by that?) signals that fall and cooler temps are just around the corner!!!
In school Caleb was weighed and measured last week. Who knew that they did that in Mother's Day Out, but we did learn that he is 38 inches tall and 37 pounds. My left bicep is showing the 37 pounds as he still is attached to my hip and loves to be carried. We may have to break that soon...
Jes started his new job on Monday and while he was a little nervous (as was I for him) he did very well and loves it! The only drawback is the traffic, but the trade off is worth it to him, and us!
I have no pictures to post today, but we are going on a date (!!!!!!!!!) tomorrow night with our Sunday School class. Our church does this every year where they provide 3 hours of free (!!!!!) child care and we all go out as a group. Since we are in a class with parents of preschoolers, we all consider this date night. I think it calls for a new top for me and shirt for Jes! I'm not normally one to shop, but we don't go out much and my pre-shoppers remorse is sleeping for now... Anyway, I will post pictures of that and anything else we do this weekend asap!

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