Monday, September 17, 2007

Last Week

I know I won't win any Mother of the Year awards for this, but I am finally posting the 3 whole pictures I took of Caleb on his first day of school. He started on Tuesday at Mother's Day Out at our church and has a great group of teachers, Aimee, Melissa and Debbie. I know Aimee personally and Debbie is in our Sunday School class, so we know two of them on the "inside". I'll have to make a point to get to know Melissa at some point, but seriously the dropping off and picking up process is so hectic that I make it half way out of the building before I even realize that I'm 2 kids lighter/heavier, which ever is applicable!

These two pictures are Caleb's first day last year and this year. It's so amazing how much he has changed since this time last year. If you notice in the first picture, he is leaning heavily on that end table. This was because he could hardly walk! He had just taken his first steps a few weeks before and now look at him! It makes me sad and excited that he's growing up. Thankfully, he hasn't lost those kissable chubby cheeks, and hopefully he won't for sometime to come!

Here's Caleb and his new Diego backpack. He picked this out a couple of months ago and we have saved it especially for school. It also makes my job a little easier as I can keep it loaded with the needed change(s) of clothes, diapers/pull-ups, and a snack for the ride home. I couldn't get him to hold his Backyardigans lunch box and the backpack, but he is just a walking advertisement for Noggin TV.

Here are Caleb and Logan before getting loaded up with their stuff to go to their first day of school. I didn't get as much as a goodbye from Caleb this day, as he was just too excited and took off into the classroom. It is really hard to resist all the pretty puzzles and cars and such when you are this (or any) age!
Friday was a very busy day for us as well. Logan's mommy has been in the hospital trying to recuperate from surgery and he and his 3 sisters and 1 brother (all 2 years old) needed someone to watch them. They were desperate, so they called me! Caleb and I hung out with Logan, Maddie, Sammie, Candice, and Hudson all day and made a mess of their very organized toy closet (sorry Liz!). All the kiddos were very good and patient with me and we had a great time.

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