Sunday, September 23, 2007

My Memoy

Hello all. I am writing to ask you to pray for my grandmother (Wanda), my Memoy. She had a hemorrahgic stroke this morning around 8:00am. After an ambulance ride and all day wait in the ER, she was finally moved to the ICU at Baylor Dallas this evening. The problem with this type of stroke is that they cannot do any type of surgery to relieve the pressure on her brain and we just have to wait. She is paralyzed on her left side and had a bleed about 3 fingers wide (quite large) on the right. She is recognizing everyone and is trying to talk and move, but is obviously not able to do so as she did before this event. She seemed to improve during the mid day but has deteriorated throughout the evening. We have been prepared for the worst, but have also been informed that if she makes it 7 days then it is a huge hurdle she has overcome. After that, we are counting for 30 days to be up and then her risk of another event drops dramatically. Just pray that God's will in this will be shown and that she will know no pain. My Memoy is a very feisty lady and has never stopped moving and doing for others for as long as I have known her. She is a believer, so I know that Jesus is holding her right now, but it's still difficult to see someone who means so much go through so much. Thank you for all your prayers and help with Caleb (Kim). Just know that we love you and I will update as I know things.

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