Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Request of You *****UPDATED*****

I just talked to Jes and they offered him a job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The salary is the same as what he is getting now, the insurance is better and is actually going to cost us less with a lower deductible too! He is going to call and formally accept the position first thing in the morning. He told them that he wanted to talk over everything with his wife before took it. So sweet, huh? Thank you so much for praying during this scary time for us! We love all of you!
Shannon (Jes and Caleb too)

Jes and I really need you to pray for him tomorrow. Some of you know, most do not, that the place that he is working at is not doing well. They have been having major problems since being bought out by a larger group around 6-9 months ago. This problems aren't just minor issues. We're talking about not paying their vendors, bouncing paychecks, etc. Therefore, Jes has had his very stellar resume out for some time now looking around and seeing if he gets any bites. Well, he got a bite, a big one. He has an interview with a company at Love Field tomorrow at 2pm. Not only would this job cut about 40 miles per day off his commute but the insurance would kick in the first of the next month (October). He knows a few people down there who have vouched for him and this job would be doing the same thing he is doing now, so it's a lateral move, not a step down like most are. As of today, he feels like layoffs and closing of his current employer is emminent, which scares us to death, so this job is a God send.
Anyway, just pray for his clarity of mind and that he makes a great impression and that they hire him on the spot at the same salary he is at now. (Hey, aren't we supposed to ask for what we want???) If you could also just pray that my nerves would be calm. Since this has all started, my stomach has just been one big knot of nerves and acid. One of us has to be calm and levelheaded during all this... :)

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Liz Dixon said...

Thanks for sharing! I'll be praying for you guys and hope this is going to work out great. I can only imagine how nervous it can be in your position.