Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Update as of Tuesday on my Grandmother

The past few days have really been just a wait and see time. We've been watching to see if changes occur in her condition and that really didn't happen until today.
They have known throughout all this that she is having trouble swallowing, as would be expected. Because of this, she cannot take any nutrition, fluids or medication by mouth and is getting everything by IV. They tried to place a nasogastric tube (tube through the nose to the stomach) today, but my grandmother is maybe 5 feet tall and was roughly 85-90 pounds (before this) dripping wet and the tube was just too big. I got really frustrated at that b/c any person can look at her and the tube and see it's not going to work. Needless to say, the NG placement did not go well as she fought and they could not get it down to her esophagus.
She has also had some respiratory changes today. Her breathing is a little more labored and they determined that she may have some type of mucus build up in her lungs after an x-ray. She has been a chronic smoker and has emphysema, so that's to be expected too. They suctioned her out and put her on a bipap machine that just helps her breathe, not breathe for her.
We had a consultation with the doctor Tuesday and they told us that if there was no significant improvement by early next week then we needed to start talking long term care or hospice, which ever is applicable at the time. We did have a moment today when our family was at odds b/c one person refused to follow what my grandmother expressed as her wishes, but after a consultation with her physician we are all on the same page again. Just pray for stamina at this point for my family and that if it is His will that this is a quick transition from here to glory for my Memoy. We love you all and I'll update when I know something. Please check back for further updates.

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