Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Can We Stop At 2 Please?

So, you know how you have heard that all bad things come in 3's? Well, we experienced number 2 last night and are hoping that we can stop there.
We were having a particularly fun night with Caleb, as we had to wake him up from a nap and he was crabby to say the least. I told Jes to put him in a bath to relax him a little and then it was off to bed for him. He had just finished with his bath and Jes shuttled him to his room when he realized that his lotion was in the bathroom, just next door to Caleb's bedroom. As Jes rounded the corner he saw that Caleb had a can of room air freshener in his hand, pointed directly at his eye and sprayed it. In his eye.
Immediately, the screaming and crying commensed, so I told Jes to put him back in the shower, turn it on and start forcing water into his eye to wash it out. We read the can and it said to either call the doctor or poison control. This was around 7pm, so I decided to call poison control, since it would take the better part of an hour to hear back from the nurse on call with the pediatrician.
Long story short, Caleb sat in the bathtub with the shower running over his head and face, and ultimately into his eye to wash it out. We reevaluated in an hour with poison control and they deemed him ok and we didn't need to go to the ER.
So, let's take score here, 1 call to 911 to rescue Piper from a locked car when it was below freezing and raining outside and 1 call to poison control to ensure that Caleb doesn't lose his eyesight.
Can we PLEASE be done now?

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