Monday, January 12, 2009

A Couple of Fun Videos

I got a new camera for Christmas, so I thought I would try out the video recording part to see how it worked. This first video is of Caleb riding his tricycle, and quite well. This may not seem like a big deal to most, but every kiddo has abilities that they are better at than others, and my son has never been all that great on the physical/athletic front. He's just like his Mama. We all worked so hard with Caleb to help him acquire this skill, so we're quite proud.

This next video is of Piper in her swing. Caleb was playing with a ball in the house and she just got so tickled. I got the tail end and it's a little dark and quite grainy, but you get to see my P in action. She even gives you a little "hi" at the end. (Just a disclaimer, she's not really saying hi, it's just the sound she's always made when she sees me. She's always done it.)

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The Wood Family said...

Looks like he's got the hang of it. It does sound like she said, "hi!"