Thursday, January 08, 2009


Caleb's long awaited speech evaluation was this morning at 10am. We were told to plan on just over an hour, so I was surprised, to say the least, when the speech therapist delivered Caleb back to my mom, Piper and myself just before 10:30. The therapist and I had a meeting and she said that just from comparing his ability before Thanksgiving at his intake appointment and today, she saw a huge improvement in his speech. She seems to think some of it is due to his tubes but also because he is just growing and learning so fast.
The unofficial determination is that Caleb will probably not need speech therapy and is actually scoring above what a normal 3 to 4 year old would in the area of speech. There will be an official report, but no one is expecting that he will need much, if any therapy. While I was there, I also asked about the report from the observation that was done for Caleb while he was still in the Mother's Day Out program. While we don't have an official report from that yet either, the paper work indicated that the lady who did the observation did not see anything that warranted much, if any concern.
I also talked briefly with the therapist about why we decided to take Caleb out of the school and they agreed that what they were teaching was somewhat too elementary for him at this point and that he might need an actual preschool or something with set curriculum in the fall. Maybe they can teach him how to not write a runon like that... :)

Anyway, let me leave you with a couple of cute pictures of the kiddos:

Here's something I never thought I would see, hair! Enough hair to put a bow in!
It's a tiny bow, but it's a bow and it stayed there all day long! This is an exciting day for us! (It doesn't take much to get me excited, now does it?)
Here's Caleb playing with his Click Start, or more commonly called, his computer. He LOVES this and plays it as much as I will let him!

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