Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Pediatrician Appointment and Speech Eval Update

This morning, I took Piper to the pediatrician. She checked out and all my questions were answered. Her measurements are as follows:

Weight: 18lb 12oz (89th %tile)

Length: 27.5in (93rd %tile)

Head Circ: 17.75in (96th %tile)

We go back in a month for her booster flu shot and then again in 3 months for her 9 month appointment. I can't believe my baby is so big already!

Yesterday, before all the mayhem and 911 calling ensued, I got a phone call from the school district people regarding Caleb's speech evaluation. I was under the impression that if he failed his hearing test that they wouldn't do the speech eval at all. Apparently, if Caleb has normal hearing in one ear, they can still do it. So the long and short of it is, we're back on for Thursday morning at 10am for his official speech evaluation. If Caleb needs therapy, I think it will be a positive thing to get him started before his ABR and determination on that. If he does need a hearing aid, at least he's on the right path with the therapy and we can hopefully just continue on or tweak as we need to. We're still praying that his ABR comes back totally normal, but I guess I'm just trying to prepare for the worst. Hopefully, that's unnecessary.

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