Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Two of Us - Buffed Edition

Caleb has a few sets of those Imaginex toys. He loves them, and frankly so do we. Each set comes with a little person and some accessories. This is a picture of 2 of his little Imaginex people. He was playing with them today in one of his trucks and he started trying to name them like most kids do at this age.
He called the guy in green on the left Daddy; which I can totally see with the green, Jes's favorite color, and the facial hair. The guy in tan on the right apparently is me. Oh to have that guy's quads.


The Wood Family said...

funny post!

Leslie said...

Hey Shannon. This is Leslie White. Just wanted to see if you had any info on the prevention of nursemaid's elbow. We just got home from CareNow with Haylie and that was the diagnosis. Email me @ lgayle06@hotmail. com if you have any suggestions. Thanks

Anonymous said...

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