Monday, May 21, 2007

7 Weird Things...

Recently I have been tagged by another mom to post the 7 most strange things about myself that others would not know. I'm not the best at thinking on the fly, but here goes...

1. I hate lipstick
To some of my very southern, proper friends and family, this is the worst thing ever! I just
can't stand wearing lipstick mainly because of how absurd I feel I look. It's almost like I'm a
big version of a little girl me who was caught playing in my mom's makeup. Chapstick, I can
do, but you will rarely catch me in lipstick unless it is a job interview, funeral, wedding, or on
the rare occasion, church.
2. I was named after a very obscure song from the 70's about a dog
From what I have heard, this particular song was about a depressed dog... Strange topic for
a song, but without it I would have been another Amanda in the sea of many that is my
3. I absolutely cannot sleep on a pillow case that is more than a few days old
Well, I guess this could be a 2-fold weird thing. I seem to be quite the drooler in my sleep,
something I never thought I would actually admit on a public forum like this. Subsequently,
I change my pillow case at least 2 to 3 times in a 7 day period. I keep a stash of pillow cases
handy, many of which have Disney characters on them from sets of sheets from years gone
by. This is a constant source of entertainment for Jes!
4. I hate feet, including my husband's.
I'm not sure that this is weird but Jes says it totally is. Feet are just not my thing. I'm not
even thrilled with my own.
5. I record all my favorite TV shows on the DVR just to avoid commercials.
I'm not talking about just not liking commercials, but I actually HATE them! Jes gets so
upset with me when we are just vegging and watching TV because if I have control of the
remote, I will flip to find a show, any show, that is in session just to have something to watch
other than the commercials. Most times I end up missing parts of the show I want to watch
because I was busy flipping, hence the need for the DVR. Thank goodness for those!
6. When I was small, I wanted my hair to be as long as Crystal Gayle's.
If you don't know who Crystal Gayle is, take this time to google her. She was quite the
songstress in her day and her hair was to the floor. I thought that would be so cool. I only
got about as far as the top of my bottom before I could stand it. I guess I just love having
my hair cut too much! Maybe someday...
7. I always do the same things in my morning/evening routine in the same order, everytime.
I think this is more of a self preservation thing than anything. If I get distracted or thrown
off for some reason, I forget major things. One time I forgot to rinse the conditioner out of
my hair and didn't realize it until I was dressed and ready to dry it. Another time I left the
house in two different shoes because I was interrupted during the all important 'deciding
which shoe goes better' part of my morning. More recently, I went the whole day without
realizing that I had put mascara on one eye and not the other. It wasn't until I was in the
middle of teaching a class that I realized it. Like I said, self preservation!

So there they are, the 7 things you may have not known about me and wouldn't have until this list! I look forward to seeing your own on your blogs!


Jennifer said...

you forgot that you only eat 1 thing at a time on your plate :)

Mathis Family said...

Haha, I guess so...