Sunday, May 06, 2007

Caleb's Play Date

We decided this year to not throw Caleb a big birthday party since he was getting this expensive swingset. We did, however pick a day to invite some of his friends over to play as sort of a birthday play date. That day was yesterday, Saturday. We had a great time and below are some of the pictures from our fun afternoon!

This is Kathryn, one of Caleb's friends and playmates. She is just a tad older than he, but they play together great. We go to Kathryn's house to see her and her brother Carson and we hang out with mom Kim and dad Craig all the time.

Here are Caleb and Kathryn riding the hanging see saw. The two of them were hilarious because they couldn't quite get the hang of swinging themselves without flinging themselves backwards and bumping heads each time.

Logan and 2 of his sisters, Samantha and Madison, and his brother, Hudson, came over too. They live just across the way from us and Caleb always has a great time playing with and following Logan around!

Here's Caleb and his life-long (literally) friend KJ. Courtney, KJ's mom, kept Caleb when he was just a baby when I went back to work. These two boys have been together ever since! They routinely ask for the other, so we have to make a point to get them together so they can play! I didn't get a picture of it, but Caleb and KJ were hugging and kissing for quite a while when KJ and his mom got to our house! They were so happy to see each other again! :)

Having fun running around the backyard! That's Kathryn hanging from the swing. She's very girly, but tough too! We all marveled at how she could do things like this, yet her dress and shoes were perfectly clean and pretty!
After playing for awhile, we all came inside for Capri Sun (a huge hit with the kids and grown-ups!), Sesame Street cupcakes, and goldfish!
Caleb and his Capri Sun.
Cute little KJ!

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