Thursday, May 24, 2007

Fun in the Sun and an Animal House

This past Sunday our church, the satellite campus, went to a member's country house. I say country, but it was really just the northern less developed end of McKinney. They have lots of land and horses and a pond and we had lots of fun!

The church brought in a bunch of bounce houses for the kids and Caleb found his new favorite activity! We literally had to coax him out with a juice box!

Here are Daddy and Caleb after a fun jump! After dinner and Blue Bell, our campus pastor baptized some people in the pool. It was very moving and great evening for all of us!

On Wednesday, our friend Kathryn had her birthday party at an awesome place in McKinney called Animal House. Basically, it was a huge room filled with slides and climbing things, and all types of bounce houses! Caleb ran around so much that he was soaking wet from sweat, and it didn't slow him down one bit!

Here's Caleb checking out the toddler area. He quickly realized that he could go on some of the other things and stayed out of here for most of the party.

The best bounce house combined Caleb's favorite things, places to jump and a slide! Here his is after one of his many trips down the slide!

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