Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I just wanted to give all of you, our beloved friends and family, a quick update on Caleb. I have recently realized that I haven't done the stats thing for Caleb lately and have just been posting info about the goings on in our home.
At last check, Caleb weighed right at 33 pounds and was 3 feet tall. He has been talking more and more and is catching on to words and they just seem to fall out at random times. He is speaking in sentences, short ones, but I was a little concerned about this one! He also knows his numbers up to 10 (his favorite activity right now is to identify any and all numbers wherever we go!) and his letters up to O and R. I'm not sure where P and Q went, but he's got R and loves to point it out on signs that we would rather not our son notice, like the big flashing BAR signs in restaraunts or on the side of the road! He has also learned a total of two Spanish words in the past two days. He says azul, blue, and abre, open (if you know Spanish, please disregard the spelling...). I credit the Spanish to Dora, a constant companion in our house!
Motor skills wise, Caleb is still a little behind his friends, as best I can tell, but is catching up. He has perfected the art of jumping this past week. Now, he still bends almost down to the floor to get some air, but if he keeps this up he may actually match his dad's 3 foot vertical jump!
Tomorrow we go see the ENT in town to reevaluate his hearing. I had his teachers at Mother's Day Out try a couple of crude tests to see if he can hear them and they said that they don't see any problems. Let's just hope that the audiologist and ENT see it that way too. If you see this in time, pray that Caleb will hear perfectly and the word tubes will not come up!

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