Wednesday, May 16, 2007


I took Caleb to the ENT this morning, so I thought an update was in order for everyone. First off, let me tell you that I was so scared to take him in today. This is not an area of the body that I am quite so comfortable with in regards to disease. Heart and lungs I know, ears, not so much. So the asthma and aspiration is a far less traumatic diagnosis than anything I think this doctor will tell me.
Caleb had a hearing test first. They redid the test where they take measurements of the movement of the eardrum, and he failed that on both sides again. Then we did tests in a booth where an audiologist tested his perception and reaction to sounds. He did very well on these and responded appropriately to voices and speech. He was not interested in responding to just tones (beeps and such) so there was not much stock put on that part of the test.
Next, we saw the actual ENT, Dr. Chamblee. She was a very nice woman who understood my hesitance in all this and explained everything to me in detail. She did a very thorough evaluation on Caleb's ears and said that he has fliud behind both eardrums. She said instead of it looking like a liquid, though, it appeared to be quite thick. Dr. Chamblee said that indicated that the fluid had been present for 2-4 months. Then she said the dreaded word, tubes. She told me that she most often puts tubes in children's ears who have this type of fluid, but that she wanted to try a round of antibiotics first before we leapt into surgery. So, this afternoon I will go fill a prescription of Augmentin, a fairly strong antibiotic, he'll take it for a week and we go back in a month. We'll see where we need to go from there.
All in all, I feel better about the experience after it was over. I feel like we were lead to the right doctor at the right time who will give Caleb the appropriate treatment. Now let's just hope our insurance company feels that way too!


thecobbsfamily said...

If you have to go the tubes route, many of our friends could tell you their success stories with, you're not alone. I pray your insurance company cooperates!

Liz said...

So glad you like the ENT. Praying for you guys. Hope the meds work great...if not I pray everything else falls in to place and he as good as new in no time.