Sunday, May 20, 2007

Happy Birthday PawPaw!

Last Sunday was my dad's birthday. Since it fell on Mother's Day, yet again, my mom decided to move it to Saturday. After much debate over whether it was really his birthday or Mother's Day that got moved, we all got together and had a fun party!

Normally I wouldn't put the cake on our blog, but I have to tell you this was the best chocolate cake I have ever had, and I'm not usually a fan! It came from a place in Addison called Delicious Cakes, and it really lives up to its name!

Here's my dad, PawPaw, with Caleb and Dixie (my sister Michelle's little girl) on their porch swing! My parents have the best backyard and we spent most of the party out there.

We decided that a picture of all the grandkids was in order, so here they all are. From left to right, Dixie (Michelle's girl), Madison and Tristen (Damon and Christi's girls), Matt (Michelle's boy) and Caleb on Matt's lap!

My mom and dad posed for a picture op, but in true form, things got quite silly. I thought this picture was cute. Even after 25 plus years, they still love each other. It's really sweet and very encouraging for the rest of us!

So here's a picture of us kiddos. On the bench are Michelle and I. Mitchell is holding up the left side of the tree and Damon is on the right.

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