Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Pray For Caleb

Hello all! I usually don't post things that we need prayer for on this blog, but this one is really troubling us. I took Caleb to his 2 year appointment with his pediatrician a month ago where they did a hearing test and he failed. We brought him back on Monday for a retest where he failed again. We have been referred to an ENT for more extensive testing and any possible treatment options. For some reason this new medical development bothers us more than any other since his birth.
Caleb has never exhibited any signs that he cannot hear nor has he ever had any issue with his ears, infections, etc. I would really like Caleb to not have to undergo another surgery if we can avoid it. I'm just really afraid of what I am hearing from other parents and what the ENT will say.
Just pray for peace of mind for us and for whatever to be wrong with the test to not be a problem with Caleb's actual ears. If it is God's will that there is an issue that it is easily (and inexpensively) resolved. Thank you for all your prayers and support of our family! We love each of you!

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