Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Best a Girl Can Get

Yesterday was a miserable day. We were cooped up in the house because it was raining and Jes was working all day. By the time the day came to an end Caleb and I were looking at each other like, "do we really have to do this all over again tomorrow?". Today, Sunday, Jes had to go back to work and the day started poorly with the threat of major rain and the thought of toting a 2 year old into a church with no awnings. I was also having major angst over the wardrobe selection and finally chose something I wasn't too happy with. Caleb hadn't really looked at me all morning because I finally wrangled him by letting him watch Dora the Explorer. Just as we were to leave he turned around and looked at me and said, "pretty" a word he just learned the meaning of and uses for his pictures all the time. I asked him what was pretty and he ran up and pointed to ME! The best compliment from my best guy! It made my day and I wanted to share. Hope all of you had a great day with your family and didn't get too terribly wet!


thecobbsfamily said...

What a little angel! How sweet! Music to a mother's ears:)

Jennifer said...

Hey...sorry you had such a crummy weekend...I hopet his weeks proves to be better, despite the rain!

Liz Dixon said...

That will just melt your heart. What a sweet boy!