Saturday, May 05, 2007

Butterfly Exhibit

Yesterday, Friday, I met a friend of mine at a local mall and we took our kiddos to the annual butterfly exhibit put on by the local Kiwanis group. We had a great time and the pictures were cute, so I thought I would post them!

At the exhibit, they gave each paying person a piece of cantaloupe to attract the butterflies. We immediatly attracted one and Caleb loved looking at it!

There were also lots of pretty flowers in the area with the butterflies. I guess the butterflies appreciated the variety of food! Who wants cantaloupe all the time? :)

Here's Caleb pointing out the butterfly. This was shortly before this particular butterfly flew right at Caleb and he freaked out! After that, he was a little skittish around them.

We got a butterfly to land on my shirt, the compromise between us, as Caleb was not willing to let another one get this near him. We had a great time and will try to make it an annual event for us!

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