Friday, May 11, 2007

Homeschool Fair

Today a good family friend of my mom's took me to the annual homeschool curriculum fair in Arlington, Texas. We decided a long time back that we wanted to homeschool our kiddos for many reasons. First is the dreaded TAKS test. For our readers who are not Texas residents, the TAKS test is the standardized test that all the kids have to currently take. Not only does it determine whether they graduate or not, when they take it in high school, but the teacher's jobs are partially determined on the student and school's performance. So, out of job preservation the teachers teach the test, thus leaving out needed information for higher level thinking that the kids might need. Recently they decided to do away with the TAKS, but are replacing it with end of course exams. However, if history proves to be correct, we will be right back in the same boat as we are now. We also want to homeschool, currently Caleb, because there are things in the system that don't work for all kids, so to give him the best chance at succeeding, this is our choice. We have the ability, opportunity and resources, so we're going for it.
Anyway, we went to the fair today and boy was I overwhelmed! I think I found a curriculum that I am going to purchase for Caleb and start on in September. We already have a jump on things as he is just barely two and knows his letters through O and numbers through 10. We're going to try our best to keep up his momentum! Pray for us as we start this new phase in our lives. We have great support from family and friends, but this is going to be a lifestyle and a fun journey that we are starting!

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